Broward International Women's Club

For more than 25 years, the Broward International Women's Club (BIWC) has generously supported Nova Southeastern University's international students. Every Year the BIWC donates significant funds to NSU to benefit the university's international scholarship programs.

The Broward International Women's Club consists of women from all over the world who now reside primarily in South Florida. Through their different events, BIWC promotes a better understanding between the different countries and cultures of the world.

Currently, 33 nationalities are represented by the members of BIWC. The various events hosted by the club exhibit a vast knowledge of the various languages, customs and heritages of the members. The BIWC work to promote a better understanding of the many different countries and cultures of the world.

The club has more than 80 active members, who generously organize fundraising events that are held throughout the year. Such events enable BIWC to provide scholarships for deserving international students that are interested in obtaining college, university, technical or other advanced training, and education abroad.

For more information on becoming a BIWC member, please contact:

Board Members

Gloria La Font President
Gloria La Font
1st Vice President
Ana Bohabot
Vice President of Membership
Mirka Friedman
Leonor Linares Treasurer
Leonor Linares
Claire Jargiello Recording Secretary
Claire Jargiello
Jill Osborne Corresponding Secretary
Jill Osborne
Susan DeRisi Advisor
Susan DeRisi
Helena Caplan Advisor
Helena Caplan
Hermine Vogler Advisor
Hermine Vogler
Telephone Committee Chair
Nina Britton
Janet Brady
Social Committee Advisor
To Be Determined